Autumn/Little Pumpkin Baby Shower

A Little Pumpkin is on her way… let’s shower mommy-to-be on this autumn day!

Two weeks ago on a beautiful Sunday morning was my sis-in-law’s girls-only surprise baby shower. It was orchestrated by her dear friends Ajal, Samtha and myself. As we were tossing ideas on what theme to pick, it just came to me – Little Pumpkin!!! So darling for this time of the year. I had always wanted to style an Autumn-themed party since New England has the best foliage around. I totally wanted to take advantage of New England’s gorgeous natural backdrop, so I ran with it! We did orange, brown and of course pink and a slight rustic decor.

How could you not have this as the backdrop? When we first decided on the theme using my brother and sis-in-law’s backyard, the tree was still nice and green but we knew it was only matter of time that we would have a bright orange tree as part of our natural decor.

Autumn Tree

A crisp autumn day set the tone! A beautiful setting, beautiful weather, beautiful friends, beautiful mommy-to-be, beautiful everything… I wish to go back to that day, everyday!

Autumn TableFire LampsAutumn Table CenterpieceAutumn Chair Hangings Autumn Place Setting

Lanterns, pumpkins and autumn leaves. Ahhhhh! It truly looked and felt heaven on earth!

Autumn Lanterns Mommy-to-be Onesie Clothesline

On the menu — we decided to do baby-size food. We had some autumn treats and delicious Indian brunch items along with pumpkin spice lattes and apple cider. The lip-smacking brunch menu was put together by my sis-in-law’s amazing friends.

Autumn Brunch Table1 Wheat-berry Arugula Salad Samosa Puffs Pav Vada Kathi Pockets Dhokla Idlee Pumpkin Spice Cakepops Pumpkin Pie Donut Acorn Waffles Pretzels Candies Pumpkin Spice Latte Sugar cubesAutumn Brunch Table2Dessert rack!

And here are some photos of all the lovely ladies who made the shower even more beautiful.

Bina and Kirsten Bina and Friends Bina & the gang

We decorated baby pumpkins and played baby pictionary. So much fun!

Baby Pumpkins! Baby Pictionary!

We sent all the guests home with caramel dipped apples.

Favors Caramel Dipped ApplesParents-to-be

I can’t wait to meet that sweet baby girl. November can’t get here fast enough! I love you guys, Congratulations again!

Chintan and Bina

Autumn Brunch Table2And special thanks to Sunil Bonan for taking these breathtaking photos. The parents-to-be and I will forever cherish them. Thank you.

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