Magic Show

Abracadabra!! Allakazoo!! Our sweet little guy is 7 and it’s surely a magical number! This is the third year in a row that he has chosen the theme for his special day, and he has quiet a magical imagination. It was definitely fun planning a good time to celebrate another fun year.

A classic magic themed birthday party is a super fun theme, especially for kids. The mystery of magic is fascinating, it stimulates the little guests’ imaginations and get them into the mood for an unpredictable event. One of the best decorations and an activity is the magic show itself so we hired a magician for the entertainment.

Ta Da! Here are some magical photos by Sunil K Bonam


Magic Show1Magic Show2Magic Show3Magic Show4Magic Show5Magic Show6Magic Show7Magic Show8Magic Show9Magic Show10Magic Show11Magic Show12Magic Show13Magic Show14Magic Show15Magic Show20Magic Show21Magic Show17Magic Show18Magic Show19Magic Show16



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