Breakfast in jammies

Saheli turned ten last weekend. TEN! It’s a number that is hard for me to wrap my head around when it’s used in reference to my first-born. Ten years ago she was brand new, and I was a mother for the very first time. Ten years from now she will be twenty, and I will be an empty-nester with two kids in college. It’s gone so fast, but sometimes it seems so long ago. I look at babies and toddlers now and I hardly even remember my kids being that young. If these last ten years have gone in a blink of an eye, I can’t even imagine how quickly the next ten will go. The thought of my daughter going off to college and living her own life is tough one to swallow. But for now, at least I know, she is still a kid. I try to savor and cherish every moment I have with her. I still get to tuck her in at night. I still get to squeeze her and kiss her any time I want. I still get to drive her around to school and after-school activities (all day, every day). She still needs me. She still fills up my nest with sunshine. And I am so grateful to be her maa.

She asked for a slumber/pajama party to celebrate her 10th birthday this year. Since I’m generally not a fan of sleepovers (yet), I tried to steer her another route. It worked this time and I am hoping to (eek?) out another few year or so. We’ll see. 🙂

We decided to have “Breakfast in jammies” party combined with Zumba and it was a hit! She wanted mint green, peach and gold for the decorations, which I thought turned out amazingly beautiful! Soft yet glam! For the cake, she chose crepes cake instead of a traditional birthday cake, as crepes is one of her favorite breakfast items. Instead of a traditional breakfast tea or milk, she wanted a bubbly peach and mint drink. Followed by breakfast was a fun Zumba party. They had such a blast!

These amazing images were captured by the very sweet and talented Malini. We will cherish these photos for a lifetime.

Breakfast party1

Breakfast party19

Breakfast party2

Breakfast party3

Breakfast party4

Breakfast party5

Breakfast party6

Breakfast party8

Breakfast party9

Breakfast party10

Breakfast party11

Breakfast party12

Breakfast party13

Breakfast party14


Breakfast party15

Breakfast party16

Breakfast party17

Breakfast party18

Breakfast party27

Breakfast party20

Breakfast party21



Breakfast party22

Breakfast party23

Breakfast party23

Breakfast party24

Breakfast party25

Mommies and daughters

Breakfast party26


Photos: Malini Varadarajan

Zumba: Itsy FITsy

Crepes cake: MA-France

Pajamas: Li Li Fox Boutique


Mimosa Bar Bridal Shower

(Here it is, my long awaited blog post from a bridal shower I styled last summer!)

No matter how small, how simple a bridal shower is a must! It is a time to celebrate and honor the bride-to-be.

To me, it doesn’t get better than a Mimosa Bar when it comes to bridal shower brunch! Spring is full of celebrations, and mimosa bar overflowing, with sweetness and color, makes a great refreshment station. Besides it’s stunning display, lets guests design their own colorful cocktails while offering low-maintenance serving option for the hostess. Juice and fruits bring so many beautiful colors to the table. The only decor you need is some sparkly touches, some candles and a pretty cake!

Bridal Shower 5

Mimosa Bar1

Mimosa Bar 2

Mimosa Bar 3

Mimosa Bar 4

Bridal Shower 6

Bridal Shower 7

Bridal Shower 8

Bridal Shower 9

Magic Show

Abracadabra!! Allakazoo!! Our sweet little guy is 7 and it’s surely a magical number! This is the third year in a row that he has chosen the theme for his special day, and he has quiet a magical imagination. It was definitely fun planning a good time to celebrate another fun year.

A classic magic themed birthday party is a super fun theme, especially for kids. The mystery of magic is fascinating, it stimulates the little guests’ imaginations and get them into the mood for an unpredictable event. One of the best decorations and an activity is the magic show itself so we hired a magician for the entertainment.

Ta Da! Here are some magical photos by Sunil K Bonam


Magic Show1Magic Show2Magic Show3Magic Show4Magic Show5Magic Show6 Magic Show7Magic Show8Magic Show9Magic Show10Magic Show11Magic Show12Magic Show13Magic Show14Magic Show20Magic Show15Magic Show21Magic Show17Magic Show18Magic Show19Magic Show16



Father’s Day Picnic

Father’s Day is time to celebrate the most important man in your life — your dad! So, this Father’s Day we broke away from more traditional gift ideas and gave him something he would really enjoy. We decided to do a surprise Father’s Day picnic in our own backyard. It is a known fact that all men love home-cooked meal and outdoors, we decided to combine the two and made it a fun-filled Father’s Day outing with his favorite people, his family. Here are some photos…

Father's Day1Father's Day2Father's Day3Father's Day4Father's Day5Father's Day6Father's Day7Father's Day8Father's Day9Father's Day10Father's Day11

Paint Party

“Every Child is an artist. The problem is how to remain an artist once he grows up.”  ~Pablo Picasso

The years have gone by so fast and I can’t believe Samay already turned six years old last November! I am excited to be finally posting his paint-themed birthday party that we hosted a few month ago. Since we have been hibernating last few months, I may just blame this delay on the polar vortex! Whatever it is, better late than never as the saying goes.

Just like every child, Samay loves to paint with his wet colors and paintbrush. My son’s idea of a paint-themed birthday party came about a couple years ago through his quest of learning and his determination of mastering every skill introduced to him. Learning truly is his passion and hobby!

To may super star: May you live your life with happiness and contentment. You have brought me pure joy since the moment you entered my life. Each day I’m reminded of the treasures you bring into my world as I watch you grow, absorbing the world around you, inquisitive an delighted to learn. You are what bliss looks like in a little boy. You inspire me everyday, in so many ways. Each day is special and every moment is precious because of you. The best parts of my day are your joy-infused smiles, tight hugs, sweet kisses, and when you suddenly put your little hands on my face and say, “You are my heart, Ma.” I live for that love and affection!

Here are the masterpieces of our little Picasso’s! I especially loved the idea of teaching kids the basics of painting one subject, in this case a gum ball machine, and seeing how they each added their own creative spin to the painting. Fun and colorful! What’s not to like?

Paint Party1Paint Party2Paint Party4Paint Party5Paint Party6Paint Party7Paint Party8Paint Party9Paint Party10Paint Party11Paint Party12Paint Party13Paint Party14Paint Party15Paint Party16Party Paint17Paint Party18Paint Party3

Autumn/Little Pumpkin Baby Shower

A Little Pumpkin is on her way… let’s shower mommy-to-be on this autumn day!

Two weeks ago on a beautiful Sunday morning was my sis-in-law’s girls-only surprise baby shower. It was orchestrated by her dear friends Ajal, Samtha and myself. As we were tossing ideas on what theme to pick, it just came to me – Little Pumpkin!!! So darling for this time of the year. I had always wanted to style an Autumn-themed party since New England has the best foliage around. I totally wanted to take advantage of New England’s gorgeous natural backdrop, so I ran with it! We did orange, brown and of course pink and a slight rustic decor.

How could you not have this as the backdrop? When we first decided on the theme using my brother and sis-in-law’s backyard, the tree was still nice and green but we knew it was only matter of time that we would have a bright orange tree as part of our natural decor.

Autumn Tree

A crisp autumn day set the tone! A beautiful setting, beautiful weather, beautiful friends, beautiful mommy-to-be, beautiful everything… I wish to go back to that day, everyday!

Autumn TableFire LampsAutumn Table CenterpieceAutumn Chair HangingsAutumn Place Setting

Lanterns, pumpkins and autumn leaves. Ahhhhh! It truly looked and felt heaven on earth!

Autumn LanternsMommy-to-be Onesie Clothesline

On the menu — we decided to do baby-size food. We had some autumn treats and delicious Indian brunch items along with pumpkin spice lattes and apple cider. The lip-smacking brunch menu was put together by my sis-in-law’s amazing friends.

Autumn Brunch Table1DSC_1575Samosa Puffs Pav VadaKathi PocketsDhoklaIdleePumpkin Spice CakepopsPumpkin Pie Donut AcornWafflesPretzels CandiesPumpkin Spice LatteSugar cubesSweet TableAutumn Brunch Table2Dessert rack!

And here are some photos of all the lovely ladies who made the shower even more beautiful.

Bina and KirstenBina and FriendsBina & the gang

We decorated baby pumpkins and played baby pictionary. So much fun!

Baby Pumpkins!Baby Pictionary!

We sent all the guests home with caramel dipped apples.

FavorsCaramel Dipped Apples


I can’t wait to meet that sweet baby girl. November can’t get here fast enough! I love you guys, Congratulations again!

Chintan and Bina

Autumn Brunch Table2Special thanks to Sunil Bonam for taking these breathtaking photos. The parents-to-be and I will forever cherish them. Thank you.

Vendor Credits:

Printables – Stacy’s Sweet Stuff

Travel Baby Shower

“The world is a book, and those who do not travel read only a page” ~ Saint Augustine

I am fortunate to have an amazing sister-in-law in my life, for many different reasons. She and my baby brother are now expecting their first, a girl (I can’t even hide my excitement!), and I had the incredible honor of styling their baby shower.

Traveling has been a huge part of their lives together, I don’t know anyone else who loves traveling as much as they do! These parents-to-be have really traveled the world, so a Travel-themed shower was the perfect way to celebrate their “precious cargo” soon to come! They both deserve to have the shower of their dreams!

Welcome aboard to Bina and Chintan’s baby shower. Sit back and enjoy the journey.

Boarding pass invitations ~Invitation Card

Guests arrived and were asked to “check-in”. Their luggage tags had the guests’ names and destination, where they will be sitting. These luggage tags were also favors for the guests.Check-in tableLuggage tag favorsBaby On BoardPregnancy photoParents-to-be

Cards and Gifts Table"Cards" table

Photo booth (Passport photos) and Wish boards for guests to write their best wishes for parents-to-be!Photo Booth/Wish boardWish boardPhoto propsPhoto booth props

This road atlas backdrop was hand-made and assembled on site. Backdrop1Backdrop2

Destination tables…Destination Table1Destination Table2Destination Table3In-flight menuSweet Table

Can you all believe this is a CAKE??? It was done by very talented Michelle of Cake.CakeDiaper CakeTreatsSweet table setup

Baby shower ceremonyCeremony1Ceremony2Ceremony3Cake cutting

It was so much fun playing all the “silly” baby shower games. 🙂Baby games

And here is one more shot of the most AMAZING cake by Cake. See how they matched the cake with centerpieces (suitcase). Cake/centerpiece

Thank you so much who all came to their baby shower. It meant so much to my brother, sis-in-law and our family that you were able to celebrate this special day with us. It was a marvelous weekend filled with festivities… I still can’t brush this big grin off my face! 🙂


Gray Chevron & Peach flower Party

Today my sweet Saheli turned EIGHT!!! We celebrated her July birthday in June before school ended. It was the smallest birthday party we have ever hosted as we are in a small temporary townhouse but it turned out super cute and fun! It was stress-free and a lot of fun to plan just in 10 days. 🙂 I am taking a break from a normal post today to write my daughter a letter. Since she loves to read, it only seems fitting to write this post directly to her.

My precious daughter,

Eight years ago today, you made your grand entrance into this big world. In some ways, it feels like those eight years have absolutely flown by, but in other ways, it feels like you have always been here and I simply can’t remember what life was like before you were a part of our lives. It’s so cliche but you are growing up right before my eyes… It’s cliche because it’s true.

My sweet girl, I love your kind, generous, compassionate and nurturing spirit. You are loving and caring, and always seem to find creative ways to help others. You are the perfect blend of wonder, warmth, joy and love. You are the best grocery shopper helper I could ask for. You love to play outside and draw and swim and cook and giggle… oh how you love to giggle.

You are this beautiful little soul. From you I have learned patience, I have experienced family, and I have evolved. I am a better person for having you in my life. You are my daughter. My sweet, precious gift. For you everyday, I strive to live up to those words “You are the best Ma ever!” I hope every now and then I hit the mark! I love you to the moon and back!

May you continue to be completely and totally you. May you know how deeply and truly you are loved… by me, by daddy, by your brother, by your family. May you dream big dreams, and have courage to follow them. May you know you will always, always, always have a place to call home.

Happy Birthday, my beautiful baby! I love you forever and always!

~ Ma

Here is where the inspiration for the “Gray Chevron and Peach flower” party came from… My daughter woke up one morning (2 weeks before school ends), pulled out her hair band from her dresser, put it on our throw pillow and said, “Ma, here is an inspiration for my birthday party and I think you’ll do a fabulous job!”


These are few of my first finds…




Getting the Birthday Girl ready…




Here is the most delicious and amazing cake by Karen of Bisousweet Confections


And here are the cutest and delicious cookies by Melissa of TSCookies










Thanks to my helper, my sweet sis-in-law for entertaining the girls all afternoon.


Ice Cream Parlor Party

It’s here again, the most anticipated day of the year for my darling daughter, Saheli! Yup, her 7th birthday… Really? I have a seven year old? That can’t be true. Another year has flown by and I’ve treasured every moment I’ve had with her. Every moment has been special, even the tantrums lol. She has been a little spark of happiness in our lives!          
Her birthday was a small affair again this year, low key with lots of fun touches. Hot summer days are just perfect for ice-cream parties, and that’s what she had asked for. All the kids had so much fun making their own sundaes, with all the toppings they could ever wish for! What fun way to cool off!
It’s time to start screaming for ice cream!!!
And here are some beautiful photos by Per Se Photography
Saheli and I had so much fun making these red velvet cakepops

Graduation Party

The caps have been thrown, the diplomas have been received, the speeches have been made. You know what that means… now it’s time to par-tay!

Well, he did it! My little brother Ronak has graduated from medical school. I’m so very proud of him. It was such a great weekend spending time with family and celebrating his accomplishment. The day couldn’t have been more perfect. Gorgeous weather, great family, delicious food and loads of fun!

Here is the whole Sweet Table done in a fresh but sophisticated color palette of blue and white chevron pattern (my personal favorite pattern this year) with a pop of black.

Vender Credits:
Favors (Ice Halwah) by Anvie Sweet Fusions