Breakfast in jammies

Saheli turned ten last weekend. TEN! It’s a number that is hard for me to wrap my head around when it’s used in reference to my first-born. Ten years ago she was brand new, and I was a mother for the very first time. Ten years from now she will be twenty, and I will be an empty-nester with two kids in college. It’s gone so fast, but sometimes it seems so long ago. I look at babies and toddlers now and I hardly even remember my kids being that young. If these last ten years have gone in a blink of an eye, I can’t even imagine how quickly the next ten will go. The thought of my daughter going off to college and living her own life is tough one to swallow. But for now, at least I know, she is still a kid. I try to savor and cherish every moment I have with her. I still get to tuck her in at night. I still get to squeeze her and kiss her any time I want. I still get to drive her around to school and after-school activities (all day, every day). She still needs me. She still fills up my nest with sunshine. And I am so grateful to be her maa.

She asked for a slumber/pajama party to celebrate her 10th birthday this year. Since I’m generally not a fan of sleepovers (yet), I tried to steer her another route. It worked this time and I am hoping to (eek?) out another few year or so. We’ll see. 🙂

We decided to have “Breakfast in jammies” party combined with Zumba and it was a hit! She wanted mint green, peach and gold for the decorations, which I thought turned out amazingly beautiful! Soft yet glam! For the cake, she chose crepes cake instead of a traditional birthday cake, as crepes is one of her favorite breakfast items. Instead of a traditional breakfast tea or milk, she wanted a bubbly peach and mint drink. Followed by breakfast was a fun Zumba party. They had such a blast!

These amazing images were captured by the very sweet and talented Malini. We will cherish these photos for a lifetime.

Breakfast party1

Breakfast party19

Breakfast party2

Breakfast party3

Breakfast party4

Breakfast party5

Breakfast party6

Breakfast party8

Breakfast party9

Breakfast party10

Breakfast party11

Breakfast party12

Breakfast party13

Breakfast party14


Breakfast party15

Breakfast party16

Breakfast party17

Breakfast party18

Breakfast party27

Breakfast party20

Breakfast party21



Breakfast party22

Breakfast party23

Breakfast party23

Breakfast party24

Breakfast party25

Mommies and daughters

Breakfast party26


Photos: Malini Varadarajan

Zumba: Itsy FITsy

Crepes cake: MA-France

Pajamas: Li Li Fox Boutique


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