Ice Cream Parlor Party

It’s here again, the most anticipated day of the year for my darling daughter, Saheli! Yup, her 7th birthday… Really? I have a seven year old? That can’t be true. Another year has flown by and I’ve treasured every moment I’ve had with her. Every moment has been special, even the tantrums lol. She has been a little spark of happiness in our lives!          
Her birthday was a small affair again this year, low key with lots of fun touches. Hot summer days are just perfect for ice-cream parties, and that’s what she had asked for. All the kids had so much fun making their own sundaes, with all the toppings they could ever wish for! What fun way to cool off!
It’s time to start screaming for ice cream!!!
And here are some beautiful photos by Per Se Photography
Saheli and I had so much fun making these red velvet cakepops

3 thoughts on “Ice Cream Parlor Party

  1. Hey, a delight ride through the ice-cream parlor indeed! The one liner to describe the feeing u scream, I scream ice-cream fully describes the delightful journey.

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