Pixie Fairy Party

All you need is Faith and Trust and a little bit of Pixie Dust! Fly on over to little Fairy Arshia’s beautiful Pixie Hollow! Your heart will flutter while viewing these images.

Wouldn’t you love to turn into a magical fairy on your Birthday? Every little girl deserves to feel like a fairy… what little girl doesn’t love Pixie dust, fairy wings, twirling tutus and sweets? Arshia loves all things pretty & purple, she had her birthday wishes granted by her mom, Ashima… so fairy party it was! She and her friends had a fairy fabulous time filled with fairy dust and crafts.

So without further adieu, stroll through the Pixie Hollow and enjoy all of the delightful details. All fairies welcome!

4 thoughts on “Pixie Fairy Party

  1. hi, enjoyed every moment. its amazing to see the magic in the pics and the hardwork behind the outcome. i simply loved the colours, schemes and the tag line of the return gift (bag). I would love to be a child once again if my mommy were to celebrate my bday like this.

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