Fashionista in Paris

Ooh la la… A “Fashionista in Paris” themed celebration as Mademoiselle Zara Elizabeth Kai turns 1!

So about a month ago, my lovely fashionista friend Chaitali who I went to elementary school with called me to help her style her daughter Zara’s 1st birthday party — of course I was super excited! She wanted to take advantage and choose a Parisian-themed birthday party while she still has full say over her daughter’s birthday theme. We chose a traditional Parisian color palette of black and light pink. Chaitali has always inspired me when it comes to fashion, so I thought it would be perfect to style a “Fashionista in Paris” themed party — it was only fitting! The party turned out fabulously! Little Zara was surrounded by beautiful petite pastries and more importantly, she was surrounded by people who love her.
Here is “la petite boulangerie” (small bakery) which includes gotta have French Macaroons & Ice Helewah by Zara’s super talented aunt Vaishy @Anvie Sweet Fusion
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